Gunung Papandayan

January 10th-11th, 2015



Camp David

Camp David


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Dengan beruntungnya bisa melihat sunrise dari Hutan Mati padahal musim hujan. Akhirnya juga melihat babi hutan lari terburu-buru di malam hari.


Sudden Trip: Bogor

What is the story behind this sudden trip?

My initial plan: working on pre-orientation assignment at Perpustama UI, along with Stefano.

We took train from Tebet and reached Pondok Cina at 12. As Stefano had predicted, there were no FE freshmen at Perpustama. So, we decided to do it in Korean restaurant. Stefano had soft drinks and lunch while I was trying not to break my fast. Well, the meeting was filled with 90% chit-chating and 10% doing assignment. At 3, the owner told us that they’re going to close at 3.30.

A: Gue pengen ke Bogor deh. Bogor yuk? 

S: Ayo. Beneran ya.

A: Iya. Tapi Kebon Raya udah tutup.

S: Ya udah jalan-jalan di sekitar Stasiun Bogor.

Whoooosh, we bought 2 tickets to Bogor.

What happened next?

As we arrived, we had no idea what to do! Since I had not done ashar, I planned to do it in Taman Topi which looked like Pasar Tebet. So, we took 03 to Botani Square where I did ashar. Stupid I am, I thought Stasiun Bogor was nearby Botani Square.

And then?

And then we took 03 to Stasiun Bogor. Before you ask, yes, I did nothing except sholat ashar in Bogor.

And then?

And then we left Bogor at 17.58. End of the story.