A Birthday Card for Myself

You have finally reached this far in your life. The journey ahead awaits. It may not be easy and you’ll encounter many problems along the way. It’s okay, you’ll get through it. Just like you did in the previous years.

Love yourself.
Do not let anyone trample on you, or look down on you. If one does, if one hurts you, you may cry. But not for long. Stand up. Fight back.

Enjoy your time, for life is short.

Happy birthday.


A Conversation (Countered)

Birds chirping, sun light sneaking through the leaves,

breathing has finally been relieving.


How could this world, and you, celebrate my nonexistence?


Nothing has to make sense.

Nothing has to make sense.


28 April 2017, 00:06

A Conversation

Your scent lingers, your laugh echoes.

But, that’s the past.

Remember when I laid my head on your chest?

Apparently, no.

I have never been so sleepy for a long time.

Sleep, then.

How if I run out of my chance to wake up?

Good night.

– 27 April 2017, 23:56