For a few months,
I have not met myself, let alone have a small talk. I miss looking into myself and discover new findings about myself. I almost forget the joy of being myself, I was too overwhelmed by others’ talents and I stupidly compared myself with them. I feel insecure, prejudice is in every single mouth of people in here. The hell I care.

For a few months,
I have realized the simple happiness of being at home. I have encountered many great personalities. I have let questions pouring down. I make friends. I am processing a broad range of emotion. I have emptied my brain and tried to start over. I feel like a human.

I am exhausted, both mentally and physically. Good, for being exhausted is one of human traits. Bad, for being exhausted could make me quit from being a human.
So let these things keep happening. The only thing to be done is cherish every single day, in order to keep sane and not being exhausted.


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