Review: A Wild Sheep Chase

Title: A Wild Sheep Chase (羊をめぐる冒険)
Author: Haruki Murakami
Publisher: Kodansha (Japan), Vintage (UK)
Year: 1982 (Japan), 2000 (UK)
Genre: Fiction

A Wild Sheep Chase

His life was like his recurring nightmare: a train to nowhere.

A Wild Sheep Chase tells about unnamed person whose character and life are mediocre. After going through a divorce with his wife, many unusual incidents occurred one after another. His meeting with a girl with exquisite ears is just a beginning. While enjoying night by night with the girl, a runaway friend has planned an encounter with the most unexpected way you could imagine, with an unknown breed sheep with a star-shaped-stain on its back as a cause.

This is my third time reading Murakami’s works, but still, after finishing the book, I could only stare blankly at wall, almost spaced out. My mind was wandering to nowhere. I could feel the coldness and humidity of Junitaki town in Hokkaido, where the journey takes place. The story is seemingly flat and no climax, but I think that’s the point. I flipped page by pages, reread some sentences, searching for information and the next thing I knew, I‘ve been trapped by my willingness to understand the story. And then I stood up on the verge of reality. What does the sheep mean? Is it a manifestation of something? Am I still sane? To tell the truth, every time I see sheep on screen or pasture, something strikes my mind. This unusual feeling burdens me.


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