My Magical Tour with The Beatles

First impression:
My parents often listen to them and that’s it.

I didn’t really understand about their music, thing that I knew is they’re a legend for music around the world. Until someday, around 15 months ago, my father bought me one of their albums named Anthology 2.
It contains Beatles’ songs from 1965 to 1968 (the years of dash and daring!). Once again, I didn’t really understand though I started to like some songs. The first song that made me fell in love with the band is ‘Real Love’. Then like a magic that enchants kids, I couldn’t stop to listen to it and yes, I’m in love with this band for today and for the rest of my life.
The next day from ‘Real Love tragedy’ until now, I search all the group information and list of their albums. I chew their music, feel their tastes, digest it slowly and now I truly enjoy these activities. It can’t be more delicious than this. I love it, love it, love it…….
Besides their cute face, catchy music and humorous group members, I’m still wondering about one of their (I don’t know the name of this), maybe kind of magic or something but without a doubt, they change my perspective about music and I can’t stop singing their songs all-day-long. You can hear their songs without feeling so-yesterday. They’re huge for me.

I reached a point that causing me to expand my knowledge about them. Songs like Michelle, Girl, Norwegian Wood, In My Life made me realize that they had been a great song-writer. In My Life lyric touched me and also the music. In this album, George started to use sitar on some songs, as you know, it sounds good and fits the lyric.

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Now here I am, enjoy their music everyday, and to be honest, I prefer Beatles in 1965-1970. More mature and full of magic. But still, I love all of their songs

P.S. I shuffle their songs while making this post. Beautiful.


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